A great company to work for which is proud of its wide cultural and experience diversities.

International Trade and Exhibitions India Pvt Ltd, a part of ITE Group PLC which has more than 1000 professionals and over 30 offices and operations globally, is a melting pot of experiences and cultures. Our colleagues come from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and experiences. Many have spent their careers working for the best exhibition organisers in the World.

While we may be rich in experience and culture, we operate under one common goal and value system. We do so by being experts, advocates and challengers to drive business development through integrated event solutions and industry knowledge.

We have professionals operating from around the globe from places such as India, United Kingdom, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Turkey, China, Azerbaijan, UAE, Malaysia, Indonesia and many more. The people who represent ITE in these countries bring profound expertise to the industries we serve.

We’re keen to hear from you if you are interested in working for ITEI. In this case, please email your resume to hr@itei.in or kindly fill the form below.
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