The ITE Group

The Group

ITE was established in 1991 when its founders launched a series of trade exhibitions in Russia and the CIS with the primary objective of promoting trade opportunities these new market economies offered.

Today, these markets remain an area of considerable strength for the group and ITE has a comprehensive office network and event portfolio in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, India, China, Turkey, Malaysia and Uzbekistan.

ITE's territorial coverage*
  Offices SQM Sold (000s) Visitors (000s)
Russia 5 256 480
Central Asia 6 70 153
Eastern & Southern Europe 4 172 329
Asia 9 147 380
Rest of the World 6 40 46

* (2016 figures)

ITE is a member of the global association for the exhibition industry – UFI and more than 50 ITE events have been awarded with the status: UFI Approved.

ITE's strategy for the future

ITE has successful international brands and solid finances. The group is committed to continue improving and growing existing events and has a strategy to strengthen its positions of market leadership and to expand the range and diversity of exhibitions and conferences in emerging and developing markets.

ITE - connecting your business to the World.