Philosophy & Practise

We believe in creating world class market places for business and we are driven by our promise of delivering value to our customers. We strive to provide customers with exhibition services of the highest standard, comparable with the best international practices. The ITEI brand is synonymous with excellence, quality and innovation. We endeavour to keep raising our standards so that exhibitors, visitors and policy makers are given the best possible environment to develop their industry sectors for the benefit of all concerned.

Our values
  • Our overriding aim is to satisfy the needs of our clients: exhibitors, visitors, supporters and suppliers.
  • The main principle for our employees is “The customer first!” Our client’s expectations, wishes and demands are the impetus for further development of our business.
  • The key to better services and customer relations is a professional, responsible approach, and a can-do attitude.
  • We highly appreciate the performance of our employees, based on teamwork and mutual trust and respect.
We aim to continue growing our business through the provision of market leading events in emerging and developing economies. We aspire to be a major market player in the exhibition industry in India.  We plan to expand our flagship events as well as introduce new shows to India that are already established elsewhere in the ITE Group.
We will also focus on developing new regional shows in the country to help satisfy the demand for stronger business links between suppliers and buyers throughout the country.
Vision and Mission
To grow and improve our portfolio of international exhibition brands in tune with India’s priorities, capabilities and investment needs.
Our Strategies
ITE’s four strategic priorities are:
  1. To build and strengthen positions of market leadership – so that we can provide the best possible events for the benefit of our clients
  2. Grow and improve our event and portfolio brands – to generate greater levels of awareness of our Indian events, globally
  3. Develop management talent – to continue providing the leadership, experience, creativity and development of our events for the benefit of our clients
  4. Expand into new sectors – taking the opportunity to launch high quality events in more industry sectors and cities
It’s important to trust the people and companies that you do business with – and being part of an international publicly listed company (ITE Group plc), we have impeccable credentials.

The ITE Group has a Premium Listing on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and is a FTSE 250 company – making it one of the largest 101 to 350 companies listed on the LSE (the largest companies are in the FTSE 100).
A Premium Listing means that the Group is expected to meet the United Kingdom’s highest standards of regulation and corporate governance, with a high degree of transparency in order to build investor trust. The rules of governance that the ITE Group must adhere to are more stringent than the minimum requirements prescribed by the European Union.
The following links take you to the ITE Group’s:
Corporate Social Responsibility
Anti-corruption Policy
Ethical Business Practice
Terms of Reference
Realising that the world's natural resources are limited and fragile, we consider environmental protection to be consistent with our overall goals and values and an important consideration in our activities. This commitment to environmental protection is reflected in our policies, programs and practices for conducting operations in an environmentally and economically responsible manner.
At ITEI, we care about the environment and take steps to ensure that our business operates in a way that minimises the damage to our planet. We encourage the recycling of furniture and equipment that is used in the construction of exhibition stands and our events provide a platform for companies with environmentally friendly and energy-saving products to showcase the latest products, practices and technologies that contribute towards sustainable living.
We encourage our employees to use the public transport system for commuting to work and client meetings. We promote the concept of a paperless office and use video conferencing as a medium of communication with our colleagues around the world.
As in all walks of life, there are many things that we cannot control, but where we can influence your experience of doing business with us, rest assured that we are doing the best that we can – and we’re always striving to do better.
At ITEI, customer service is at the heart of our business. We believe in excellent customer relations, a professional, responsible approach, and a can-do attitude based on teamwork and mutual trust and respect.
Good customer service is the lifeblood of our business. We believe in retaining our customers by providing them with an enjoyable and productive exhibiting and visiting experience.
We constantly review our practices and cultures in order to make sure that our customers are treated with respect and that our events deliver the best opportunities for business development.
We routinely gather customer feedback, such as post-event research, on-site research and regular communication with a range of clients. If you have any suggestions or ideas about how we can provide even better service standards, please contact any member of our event teams, or email our team: info@itei.in
We have to gather, store and use data in order to make sure that people are informed about our services and updated about developments that affect them. However, we have measures in place to make sure that we:
  • Store customer data securely
  • Only collect data that helps us to identify and communicate with relevant contacts
  • Only pass on customer data to third parties when they play a role in the smooth-running of our events
  • Only keep data for an appropriate time period
  • Do not sell or rent customer data without consent
  • Enable people to be removed from our databases when they request to do so
If you have any questions relating to data, please email: data@itei.in


The Exhibition which initially started in 1992 with lot of efforts to create an opportunity to showcase, the capability of Indian Paper Industry and machinery suppliers has now become a Global Show for Asian market. Now, time has come for paper exhibition to organize the exhibition and technical conference on a yearly basis. R.C. Rastogi, President, Indian Recycled Paper Mills Association